Peer Feedback.

So I have received some feedback for the 3D model which is very good. Adam has pointed out some things that needs to be done like my UV needs fixing. However he likes my model overall it looks good. There was a few problem like overlapping faces and a few messed up vertex’s. But these … More Peer Feedback.

Self assessment.

So the art for our imagined world is going well, we are using some sketches of the boy and robot. This will help them to model the boy and robot. However we need to watch some tutorials on how to improve our work. I’m also using some of my own sketches to make some 3D … More Self assessment.

Imagine Worlds.

So I have teamed up with Alex Short, Alex Thursby and Alex Heckles. The brief was to come up with an animation about an relationship between two people. There wasn’t really any ideas being thrown around, until Alex H came up with the idea of a young boy and his robot. I know its not … More Imagine Worlds.


This is a shot from the V for Vendetta graphic novel. As you can see the shot heavily focused on the Antagonist, you can tell this because the light and the camera focus on him. In another shot there is a cassette tape and the tape is in the cent and up close, this shows that the cassette … More Storyboard.

The first time using Substance Painter.

Substance Painter is a software that lets you apply materials to your 3D models. From what I have used of Substance Painter that it is a very friendly texturing software. With this being my first time using Substance Painter, I was just playing around with some of the settings. And some of the texturing options are awesome, it lets you add … More The first time using Substance Painter.