RC Racer Update VII.

With a start of a new week, comes some new problems. The group need to work on the latest version of Uniy to take advantage of post processing.

Post processing will allow use to make our game look better, which is sorely needed. Currently our game looks bland and hideous. And Taz and james are working wonders with the lighting.

So this week is all about making the game looking prettier and i also need to tweek the A.I a tad.


RC Racer Update VI.

So its a new week and we have some things that need to be done. I have finished the class diagram and made some adjustments to the A.I code.

I had to adjust the code, because the A.I was being far to aggressive when taking corners, which would then lead to the car crashing.

I haven’t gotten around to adding in the timer yet, i want us to get out of the pre- production so we can crack on with the game.

We also need to complete our artbook, which i’m not to sure on, because i’m not really an artist.

Apart from that, i think i have a strong group and with the correct discipline we could make some quite good.

RC Racer Update V.

Its the start of the week and we have a few things to do. One of them is to create a class diagram. In all honesty I should have had it done by now, but with the college being shut I couldn’t really ask for help.

But we are in this week, so I can ask him then. I have a rough idea how a class diagram works, but I used it in I.T and the class diagram works differently. I also need to add in a animation that acts like a countdown, there will be a trigger in place that won’t let the player nor the A.I to move before the timer reaches zero.

RC Racer Update IV.

At the start of the week, I have spoken to my team. And we talked about getting this first track completed, with myself needing the track to plan the waypoints for the car.

Tazz said that it would be done by the end of the week, which is not the best news ever but I can just get on with fine-tuning the car to make it less OP. We are currently on build 1.1 and when we import this new track we will move to build 1.2, this will keep the builds nice and simple. We will only move onto a new build once we have added something major.

However we are still in pre-production and its becoming a pain, I’m going to speak with Tazz our team leader and see how he is coming along. I also need to do a class diagram, I did one back in school, but that was more on the I.T side of things. So I’ll try and find Ant and see if he can help.

RC Racer Update IV.

Its Friday and we are nearly done with our pre-production. We have a few things left to do, but it isn’t much. That being said i have made a few adjustments to our game.

One being adding in the code of the A.I. This system uses a maker system. This basically allows the level designer to place markers on the map witch will tell the car where to go. This system is quite basic because the car still wanders off the track which i don’t like.

I want to ask Ant if there is anyway to do that, because i feel like that will make it quite realistic. I also want to add in a line system, which is in games like Gran Turismo and Forza. I think this would be a cool feature to add in, because it adds an extra depth to the game.

I still need to wait for the track to be made so i can plan out the way points of the car, because depending on the track i may need more or less markers. The track is currently in the works, we may change the track type, from a street racer to track racer.

Here below is the code of the marker system.Code 1Code 2



Khyzyl Saleem.

Khyzyl Saleem is a concept artist who works E.A and Ghost Games. Working on games such as Need For Speed Most Wanted and Need For Speed Hot Pursuit. He also makes concept art in his free time to bolster his portfolio.

The reason I’m writing this essay it becuse we need to write about an artist who has inspired our synoptic project. Our synoptic project is a racing game, which is why I chose Khyzyl.

His designs aid our ideas, because we can use his designs as inspirations. He has a unique art style, where he takes a manufactured car and puts his own twist on it. For example, one of his prints was a 2015 Chevrolet corvette, but he put his own body kit and visual aspect to it. We are also using some of the games he has worked on to help us with the design and gameplay mechanics. With my self being a programmer, this could help me with learning code to implement into our games.


He is quite important to his team, because the concept art he makes helps the direction of the game. And with out his art the game will be stuck in limbo, choosing which art style to go for. Once he has make is concept art, it allows the 3D modeller to create his vision, which gives a game it’s own feel.

Ghost Games has been around since 2011 and is based in Sweden. They have worked on games such as Need For Speed Rivals and Need For Speed Payback. Ghost Games is a subsidy, which members of staff previously working on other Need For Speed titles, Battlefield titles, the Skate franchise and also Forza Horizon.This gives Ghost Games to make Amazing games, which amazing members of staff. They have already made a couple of well received racing games. With Ghost Games being a fairly young developer, they have time on their side, becuse they can really show the racing scene what they can do.

I like his art style because he knows how to make correct lighting. What I mean by this is that in every piece of his work, his lighting always stands out. He chooses the correct lighting to contrast with car in view.

Khyzyl Saleem is a young artists with lots of experience, he’s work on many games and has a large portfolio of work. He does do work in his own time when he isn’t working on a game.

With this blog being about inspiration for our synoptic project I will compare a piece of work from a concept artist on my team. dirt.pngHere is a piece of artwork by Tazz, he design’s all of our concept art for this game. As you can see Tazz is more of a track artist than car artist. You can’t really compare each others work, because one has worked in the industry for many years and one has the potential to be just as good. la la la la la la.


RC Racer Update III.

This week means the full production of our game. Now that we can crack on with making the game, we have more ideas we want to implement. This is a good thing, as long as we don’t get carried away with it. These are likely to be our MPV goals.

During the week I will be starting to programme the A.I and player movement. I may also find out a way to show the player a line where is shows the player when to slow down and where to take the corner.

By the end of the week I hope to have movement in the game, which I’m keen to show.