Rc Racer Update XXII.

Its the last week before the project is due this Friday so this week is all about polishing the game. Once the deadline has passed I want to still work on the game, ready for the exhibition. So this week is all about finishing the game.

We also need to make posters and fliers and promote our game. I think we can work on all of that after we have submitted the game.


Rc Racer Update XXI.

This week has been pretty productive, i have gotten the U.I pretty much sorted. Because I had it all working in the Build we did for the assessment, but i didn’t implement it in the  new build. But I’m working on this as i speak, but i had some issues with the code. The code basically says when the player completes a lap the game should load a new scene, which is the Main menu.

Level Code

As you can see in the code you once the car hits the trigger, the car should stop which it does. However when you load up the game, it does it straight away. I think i may need to change it so only works once the player has passed the halfway trigger.

I may change the location of the code because it may be colliding with the current code. I may end up moving it with the code below.

Amount of laps

So i may put it with the amount of laps done.

And i have implemented the rear view mirror. What i have done is created a second camera, rotated it 360 degrees and applied a target texture.

Texture TargetRear View Mirror.PNG

Rear Camera

So as you can see the texture is a render of the rear view camera, it works well but i will have to tweak light resolution and the Anti-Aliasing.

RC Racer Update XX.

7A new week begins and we are plowing on with the game. I’m still working on the A.I and other parts of the mechanics. I want to add in a option for the player to select which track the player wants to play. We will only have two tracks but its better the non.

Tazz is making improvements to the car, like adding in extra detail and creating different wraps for the car. We plan on having an option for the player to choose which car the want to drive.

James is still making improvements to the track and making sure that the jumps and the bumps are well placed.

Eithan is making environment models, just to fill out the game and add to the environment.

Rc Racer Update XIX.

So we’ve come to the end of the week and we have made slight progress on the project. Myself and James, found out what was causing the performance to be so poor. It was the lighting was the main cause of the problems. We had enabled dynamic shadows, which was causing the game to tank. We also need to change some of the models, so that instead of using the high poly models, we use the low poly models instead.

We have pretty much done majority of the tasks, but i still need to improve the A.I quite a lot. And i need work on a position system. Apart from that we are doing really well, we have improved quite a lot over the past few weeks.

Rc Racer Update XVIII.

A new week, brings new problems. The A.I still isn’t perfect, but i just have to be smart about the check point system. My team wants me to add in a restart system, where the player will respawn at a check point, if he or she hasn’t moved in a few seconds.

The reason behind this is that both the player and the A.I get stuck on objects. So i feel like i need to fix that and i still need to add in a grid system, which is harder than expected. I’ll ask Ant for help with that one.

We’ve made some changes to the track and polished it out a bit, but its still far from done.

Myslef and the team are working really hard to complete the game, whith only a month or so left. Which isn’t very long at all, I’m confident that we’ll have a pretty decent product on our hands.

A personal update.

With the project being in the last month or so of development its starting to hit me that, in the next month or so i will be leaving college. Over the past three years of college have been very hard but worth it. I have finnaly understud what career i want to choose. I’ve always known I’ve wanted to work in the industry, but no as a programmer.

When i made my first 2D game in Flash, i knew that programming was for me. However that being said, programming is very challenging but rewarding and that’s why I’m excited to move onto university.

The thing is that over the past few weeks I’ve felt qutie lost. Like i didn’t know what to do and i couldn’t wrap my head around the simplest things. And one thing that has me worried is not getting into university, because I’ve tried so hard to get into the position i have and i feel like i have blown it.

However i’m so grateful for the opportunities i have been given and the skills i have acquired over the past few years.

Rc Racer Update XVI.

This week has been pretty awful, on Tuesday we had our MVP which didn’t go as well. I thought we had a solid product, but when it came to playing the game it didn’t work as well as it normally does. I wouldn’t care but the day before that I was testing multiple builds and they were all working fine, but come to the day it needed to work it didn’t.

Its just when you add in more features, you create other problems which is quite overwhelming. But I’m proud of the product myself and the team have made, for my first time working with A.I, I think I’ve done really well. All I need to do now it to make the A.I smarter and ignore the player. I also need to add in a position tracker so the player can see what position they are in.

We need to keep on top of the documentation of the project, because we have fallen behind on our production schedule and burn own chart. I just feel like some of my team members don’t work hard enough, which impacts our project.