Canis Canem Edit (Bully).

Bully was developed by Rockstar Vancouver in 2006, for the PS2, Xbox 360, Wii and Pc. This was a different type of game for Rockstar, because their previous games were based on drugs and violence, with GTA, Manhunt and The Warriors. So Bully was a game where you played as Jimmy Hopkins, who is a troubled individual. This is also the engine they used for GTA: San Andreas, but buffed up.

The game was based in a fictional town called Bullworth. The game had several different sections to it, you had the industrial zone, the fair and the suburbs. The game was unique, because you hadn’t seen a game which allowed you to play as a teenager, and the game had a good storyline. With relatable and likable characters, and you could act like a jerk but you would have to face the consequences.canis canem edit

There was also a class system, were you would be faced by some mini games and they would give you new items. For example, I remember playing the workshop game mode and when I completed it, I was given a bike. So they gave you a reward for completing the mini games. You could also customize Jimmy, with Halloween and Christmas costumes, as well as normal cloths.Bully Image

There was also a fraction system, with the Nerds, Jocks, Preppies and the Greasers. The goal was to bring peace to the school, by rising through the ranks and gaining respect from the townsfolk.

Bully sold over 1 million copies, which is impressive for a new IP. However Bully did have some controversial flaws, one was that it was very homophobic and violent. But I guess that’s what you aspect from a Rockstar game.

I think that Bully was aimed towards an American audience, with the game having American characters and the way culture changed. From the Jocks, which were jerks and the Nerds being weak and soft.



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