Metal Gear Solid Analysis.

So Chris has give us a task to analyse three games and discuss how they changed gaming. The First game I am going to write about is Metal Gear Solid. This was the first 3D game of the franchise.

Metal Gear Solid was developed by Konami Computer Entertainment Japan. Konami was founded in 1969 and was founded by Kagemasa Kōzuki who remains as the company’s chairman.

Metal Gear solid took its self very seriously and was aimed at people who were over 18 given the age rating. Metal Gear was aimed more towards more towards  America with the whole secrete organization and the American setting.

This is the trailer for Metal Gear Solid in America.

This Is the Japan Trailer for Metal Gear Solid.


And as you can see that both trailers are completely different, the starting is different and the Japanese trailer is longer than the American trailer.

I think that the audience of Metal Gear have changed that much, it is inviting new players in whilst keeping the old-timers still interested. I first played metal Gear Solid when I was about six or seven and even though I found the game difficult I still loved it. It still keeps the Stealth Action franchise fresh and new with new gameplay mechanics and better graphics.

Metal Gear solid was one of the first games to take full advantage of the Dual Shock Controller. With one of the analogue sticks being used to control the player and the other being used for the camera. Metal Gear sold over five million units worldwide. And other games in the franchise built on that.

The first Metal Gear game was made for the MSX2, which was made by Microsoft and at the time Metal Gear was limited by the hardware. Then the PS1 came around and Hideo Kojima could finally make the game he wanted form 1987. The PS1 would allow Kojima to make the first Metal Gear in 3D, but the name was changed to Metal Gear Solid. He was able to and security system. And make the AI more advanced.






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