Research of Bump Maps.

Today in Matt’s lesson we are starting to learn about Bump maps. So from what I know bump maps are used to make an object look 3D or 2D by manipulating it lighting.

So each pixel in a Bump map contains X,Y and Z coordinates which defines the Vector. And each vector has its own colour.

Red = horizontal axis ( X axis).

Green = Vertical axis ( Y axis).

Blue = Height axis (Z axis).


This is an image of the martials on the left and the bump map on the right. And as you can see the colors which I have written about above come into play here.200px-Example_of_bump_mapping

The game above is half life and this represents an example of bump mapping. The textures gives the environment a great sense of detail.


So the image above shows us different types of maps which is different depending on the programs.




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