Our first lesson with Garry.

Garry is our new lecturer who is teaching us Visual Effects. In our first lesson we are learning about, job roles in at our favourite company’s.

My company was Kojima Productions, the reason I chose this company is because I am a huge fan of Hideo Kojima’s work. I want to work in the programming side of games, so the controls and physics of the game.

I am currently learning this in Ant’s lesson and we are doing an exam later on in the year.

When I was looking at the job roles at Kojima Productions. Some of these jobs are in Japan and you must be able to speak Japanese. However they do have a studio in Amsterdam, where Guerrilla Games are based.

I want to be a programmer so, there is two roles currently. There is a Tools programmer/ Technical artist, which requires you to have experience creating tools using C++/C#. You can identify problems, purpose solutions and resolve issues. You must have experience in creating GUI tools for node base editors and /or level editors. The list below is the required documents for this job.


・Previous employment records

– Details on previous roles, responsibilities including on all game titles worked on.

– Software tool experience (Photoshop, Maya, Eclipse etc), including years of experience, and examples of work that show the level of proficiency.

– Explanation of 2 technical articles/white papers that you identify as interesting new technology and why.

– Explanation of some interesting tech from a game you have recently played and why.

Previous Projects/Titles

※ For game industry professionals, it is vital to list previous titles worked on. For other professionals, please list relevant experience that may be applicable.

Please submit any info about original programs worked on (including dev team, and product)

There is no limit to the types/variety or number of titles for submission.

Please highlight what you deem as your greatest work.

・Submit any builds or executable samples

・Include any videos/screen captures (as a backup in case the build or executable don’t work)

・Release notes of the submitted program in the form of a “readme.txt” file.

・Instructions required to execute the program including platform/environment configurations.

・Information about challenges incurred while writing the program, and why.

・Highlight areas that required special/clever approaches to implementing solutions.

・If any reference documentation was used as a source. Please explain what part of the sample was used.

Please note:

・If libraries created by another engineer/author are utilized, please mark those separately and call them out accordingly.

・Usage of someone else’s code

・Reference source code written by someone else is used and over half is still original (unmodified)

・Usage of any free libraries / open source (please submit the name of the library)

・Libraries created by someone else (please submit the name of the library)

・Please exclude any confidential information when submitting

The other role is 3D Rendering programmer/Effects programmer. You need to have experience in having developed/ shipped at least one game. Deep knowledge and understanding of mathematics. Create efficient systems that leverage multiple cores. Interest in next gen game systems including engineering and architecture.


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