My Portfolio Project.

In Ant’s lesson we have been given a task to improve our portfolio by making a game or a feature made in Unity and C#. So we have to explain the code and show some of it off and make some suggestions for development.

My idea is to make a scene, where you walk up to the space ship and press the button on the stand. This button will turn on the lights and if you press it again the ship will start to rotate. I would also like to add the feature where you can press the button a couple of more times and the lights plus the ship will turn off.

The Project is due in next week, so I will look at some tutorials and ask and for tips. I know the basics of how this will work, but I haven’t worked with buttons. However in my room  project when you pressed on the door the door will open, so I would surmise that I would have the same principle as the code for the door.

The reason I have chose my ship is because it’s the best 3D model I have made, but I have also made a few other good models. I just feel like the ship represents what I can do.


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