Back to when.

Back to the when is the game myself and Alex  have come with. The game is about a Teenager (about thirteen) Is taken back in time. Where there is knights and mages. Your task it to find your way back home, but as you progress through the game you learn about the real reason you were sent back in time.

The has a very basic mechanic and your goal is to progress though the levels and kill as many enemies as you can. The game will have pick- ups you can use to your advantage. Some of the pick-ups will give you unlimited ammo for a period of time. Some others will give you health and amour.

With you being form the future you have brought some of that tech back in time with you. One of pieces of tech you have is your smart watch, which used correctly can be your most powerful weapon.

The game below Enter The Gungeon is what we based our game on, it vibrant and fun to play. Which is exactly what we want our game to be. Our game is still in early devolvement and in my next blog about the game hopefully we will have some designs.




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