ACR Project.

In my spare time I have been starting to model an ACR, because other people in class have been creating weapons. For example a friend of mine Alex has been creating a sword from a TV show. So I thought I would model was of mine favourite guns from some of the games I have played.

I fist saw the gun when I played Call of duty: Modern Warfare 2. I liked the look of the gun and the sound of it. I have just started to model the gun on Wednesday an in the free time I had in collage has been used modelling the gun.

Alex told me to look for some blueprints of the gun to help with the modelling, but  I couldn’t find any unfortunately. So I decided to take a random image from the internet and starting modelling.

I thought it would be best if I made the gun in multiple parts so it would be easier. I made a cube and just stretched it out to make the plane for the image of the gun. The I would make a cube and just remove all of the faces apart from the front one.

So far this is what I have made, there is still along way to go but I’m confident that this will look good.


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