Making the animation.

It’s still early days, but I have started to make my animation. In Matt’s lesson we have started to make our animations, however the animation I came up with using a story board has changed. My initial idea was for a shield and swords to clash to make my ident, but I have changed my idea. Now I’ve experimented with some of the ideas had, the one that stuck out was a ball squashing a block. This idea has took inspiration for the animation which Pixar use. The animation where the lap would squash the I to form the word. Mine would be six blocks and one ball, the blocks would represent my name on the ball would squash one of the blocks which had the S on. And the ball would also have an S, which would complete my name.

I have started the animation, by looking at some ways of doing the animation. I have one of the ball falling form the sky, rolling then jumping on the block. Then I have one of the camera panning out to show all of the blocks then the ball falls out of the sky squashing the block. I also intend on adding some sound effects, like a ball hitting a surface. So far I like the animation I have made, but there is one part where the ball goes to jump on the block. The animation looks very scrappy and awful, but I think there is a way to fix that.


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