Maths in Unity

In Ant’s lesson we have been learning some new math technique’s which is applied in Unity. Some of the stuff we have been learning is Trigonometry and Radians.

I’ve had some experience with Trigonometry in school but I never quite understood it. However Ant tought us some new ways to look at it, because trigonometry is slightly different in Unity. Trigonometry is about triangles and the length, sides and the angles between them. So the three sides are Hypotenuse, adjacent and opposite. In Unity terms the opposite is the right side which equals to the Y axis and adjacent which is the bottom and equals to the x axis. The size of the angle is the ratio of the length of the side which is opposite and opposite the long side (hypotenuse).

On the day of writing this blog we have just had a look at radians, which I have never learned before. One radians is the angle which is covered by wrapping a circle’s radius around its own circumference. Pi radians is 180 degrees, which means the 2 radians is a full rotation.

I found this GIF online to help represent the info above. Image result for radians gif


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