Making our own Rigs

Today we were allowed to make our own animation rigs. This would allow us to animate our 3D models. I quickly made a 3D model which was easy to animate. I decided to base my model on a character from Wall-E, which is an animation movie.robot

There were a few things we had to learn first. One of them was hierarchies, which gave your 3D model a parent and child relationship. Say for example the right arm of your model would be a child of the parent, this would mean that if you moved the parent the child would go with it.

Deformities will allow you to deform your 3D models, this could give you some very good effects. For example if you deform a trumpet you can make the snout to give it a strange, yet unique look.

I found this very interesting, because it’s a difficult thing to do. However I’m not very good at animation and hopefully with more practise I can become better. I do like the 3D model I made, it looks very good, but I would like to texture it instead of putting paint on it. I would make the robot look rustic and worn, just to show that it has been through tough times.


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