Vehicle Silhouette’s

Today we were given a task by tony to create five silhouettes of vehicles. I went onto Google and had a browse at some images. I found some really good ones which I used in my work. However we could only use vehicles were the image was taken from the side. Which limited my choice, but I found my final five and I was quite pleased with them.

I found a Van, which I decided to add three wheels to which didn’t look very good, but it looks very unusual.

The next vehicle I found was a tank, I decided to remove two of its wheels so it only had three. I think that the tank looks the best, because it stands out and looks pretty cool. M1A1_abrams_tank_5.jpg

Next was the smart car, I couldn’t think of much to do with this one. However I can remember seeing somewhere a smart car with nine wheels, similar to the 6×6 Mercedes. I decided to go for six wheels, because it looks cool.Mercedes-Benz-G63-AMG-6x6-white-side-view-on-road-2.jpg

I found a family type car, which looked quite basic. So I cut one of its windows out and added it further back. This gave the car a stretched look, which I’m not so keen onVauxhall-Insignia-Sports-Tourer-estate-2011-front-quarter-main.jpg.

My last one was a classic car, the ones the was used by bootleggers in the 30’s and 40’s. I love the design of these cars, because they are nice and bulky. When you see them in real life they give you a menacing presence.1940-Ford-Coupe.jpg Those Vehicles above are the inspiration for my silhouette.

These are my silhouettes and I enjoyed making these, they may not look the best but that was what I was going for.Capture.PNG


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