My 3D Models Of My Room


We were giving homework from Matt to create a 3D room of either our personal rooms or a space room. I decided to go for my living room, because my bed room is relatively boring.

I started off by making the TV, the TV was a little bit hard to make in Maya because it has a curve. To get around this problem I had to select the Edge tool and move the edges backwards and forwards. I also made the TV stand which is integrated into the TV. I still have to make some improvements to my model like adding the connection ports. I would also want to add some textures to my TV, like adding the logo and the light bar.


After that I made a model of our sofa, which wasn’t as tricky as I thought. I As you can see my sofa still needs a little bit more work. I would like to add more detail into the cushions and make the head rest look more realistic. However I am very pleased with what I have made, because It looks like the one I have at home. I also think that I have a done  a good job at texturing my model.

sofa-above  sofa-side

We also so have a wooden side table which I thought I would add in just to add life into this room. I think the table looks good and the texture I have added looks decent. For some reason my textures haven’t saved but I have them in my Unity game.




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