Xmas Game

We have been given a task to make a Christmas game in Animate. We can make any game we want as long at it is short and has a multiplayer element. We were allowed to work in groups so I partnered up with Alex Short, Alex Heckles and Connor Glendenning. We came up with several ideas and the main two were The Elf In Santa’s Shadow and The Pragmatic Penguin. The first idea was about an elf who delivered the presents which Santa had dropped. This game is based on the game which was made by other students called Super Sunderland Santa. Which had you playing as Santa delivering presents. Our other game The Pragmatic Penguin was about a penguin going around Sunderland sharing Christmas cheer. The best out of those was The Elf In Santa’s Shadow, we felt like this would be better as an multiplayer game. And would fit the requirements.

We have made some assets for the game.

The present was made by Alex Heckles.


The Elf Was made my Alex Short.

Elfis Presly screenshot.PNG


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