Robot Character Design

We had to look at some robots to use as inspiration for our own robot.

One of the robots I like it the ED-209 for Robocop(2014. I like this robot because he looks very aggressive).


Another robot I like is the Sahelanthropus  from Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain. I like this design because its very futuristic and it is a very unusual design. x_sen461208_aI also like the look of the Indominus Rex from Jurassic World. This isn’t a robot, however I like the look of this dinosaur because it looks quite aggressive and very cool.jurassic_world_indominus_rex_1_by_jd1680a-d9c85q1.jpg I would like to base my robot off of a scorpion, because they have two very dangerous claws. Which is one feature I like about them. Female_Emperor_Scorpion.jpg

I also like the X-01 Power Amour from Fallout 4. I like this Power Amour because its very aggressive and quite bulky. X-011.png

I also like the hound form Wolfenstein The New Order. I like this because its very unusual and the hound is very bulky._Wolfenstein_The_New_Order__the_robot_dog_045906_.jpg


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