UV Unwrapping

In Matts lesson we have been learning how to UV unwrap. First off he showed us the basics for unwrapping because some of us hasn’t unwrapped before. First off we started be accessing  rendering editors in the windows tab. Then we entered the hypershade which allowed us to create a texture then we added the Checker texture onto a lambert texture. After that we applied the texture to one or several parts of our ship, by  using the UV editor which allowed us to edit the certain parts of the texture. The reason for this I that is shows us if the texture is stretching, so when I came to add out actual texture it would look nice and neat.

When doing UV unwrapping I found it quite easy, I tried it before and found it quite hard. However the way Matt explained to us made it feel more natural and easy to click with. As well we are just starting to use UV Unwrapping, so the more i use it the better my models will look.

We have just had our last lesson using UV Unwrapping. And I feel fairly confident using UV Unwrapping, but I defiantly need to improve. I haven’t finished Unwrapping my ship but I’m nearly done, I just have to do a little bit of the wings.


This is the UV Editor in Maya, this will allow me to add textures onto the ship. I find that the way I have done it makes sense to me because I know what square and triangle represents.



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