Adding more features into my Unity game

When I was working on my game we were shown some features to put into our game. One of those features was a flash light, I made a flash light by adding in a spotlight and making it a child of the first person camera. You cold choose what type of light you want e.g spot light, directional, point and area. I used the spot like because that gave the best type of torch effect . We could also choose what type of baking we wanted weather it was Raltime, baked and mixed. You could also chose what 0f strength you want the light to be, my light was a strength of one.

Then we were shown some code to help us make the door move in a realistic fashion, instead of it snapping open. I found that this was easy, however I kept on forgetting to close my line of code.door-code

As you can see the code to how the door rotates is above.

I also made a start on the code for the inventory, I had one for the inventory itself and also for the items.


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