Mud box Face

We were using Mudbox for the first time to create a face sculpture. We were allowed to use inspiration for out faces, but I decided to make something off the top of my head. When I loaded up Mudbox, I was given a option to use a base like a car or a T-REX. To start off with I used a sphere to create the head then used the sculpt tool to put in the facial features. For example I used that tool to create the eye sockets and base of the nose.

Then I used the knife tool to add detail in, so I used it to make the outline of the eyebrows and the mouth. I then went back to the knife tool to add lines underneath the eye to add more detail. Then I made the eyeballs out of a sphere and placed them into position.

The face is far from complete so I want continue using Mudbox to improve my skills and improve my sculpture.capture


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