On Monday our we had ant and in his lesson we started on our Walking Simulator game. We used Gone Home as our inspiration. The goal of our game is to find the key and unlock the door. The game is never endless we can keep adding rooms and creating puzzles. Our first room is quite simple there is a table and four chairs and the key is placed on the table. After Ant we had Tony and in his lesson we learned some new things about Photoshop. We had to get two images off the internet and make a robot out of those images. I chose two cars and created the robot, I think that the robot looks good and there is something’s I would change.

On Wednesday we had Ant and we were starting to add code into our Walking Simulator. We add some code that allowed us to make the key disappear. When you would click on the key it would vanish. So Ant showed us some code which wold allow the door to open when the key would disappear. We could also choose which angle the door would rotate. Towards the end of the lesson each table would come up with some ideas to put into our games. Our idea was that the player could crawl underneath objects to get into hidden vents, which could make the level easier or could lead you into a secret vault.


Above you can see the code that we used to make the game work. The destroy function wold.



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