Unity, Maya and Illustrator.

On Monday we had Ant as normal and in his lesson we were using Unity. Unity is a game engine that allows the user to make a game. Unity will handle the physics and other aspects to making a game. We learned how to apply physics to objects and move them around the environment. I created a quick level were you had to climb three blocks and then score a goal. I have used Unity before but only for a short while, but I find that Unity is easy to get used of.

Later in the day we had tony, he showed us more techniques in Illustrator and in Photoshop. In Photoshop we used the lasso tool to create random pieces of art, which in my opinion looked very good. I just used it naturally, then I used the lasso tool to create some monsters of sort. I created about seven of them, but only a few looked good. Tony said later on we would use these drawings to develop further. The tools we used to make them look the way they did was the liquefy tool.swirl-art

On Wednesday morning we had Ant and In the  lesson we started to make a game in unity, where you played as a ball and you had to collect points. I  started off by adding a plane into the world, then adding a sphere which you play as. Then I made the borders of the map, which was made out of a cube. Then a made the goal which was a cube tilted on its side. To move the sphere I had to add code, I was given a tutorial on code in unity. We write the code in C Sharp which is easy to use. I also made the goals rotate, this was in the tutorial and it looked really good.

Later on in the day we had Chris and in his lesson we learnt the basics about adobe Flash/Animate. We created shapes and made a scene about the first thing that came to mind. Then we attempted to make a portrait of ourselves. Which I thought went well. We also used primitive shapes.

On Friday morning we had Matt and in his lesson we were learning some more things in Maya to help with our space ships. He showed us techniques such as bevel and mirroring. After he showed us those tools we started working on our models, I like the model I have made, but there is something’s to change. One of the things I would change would to change the front of the ship, because the front of the ship is open and it looks like it has a mouth. Another thing I would change would be to add some weapons to the ship I created a sphere underneath the ship and I intended to use that as the base of the weapon. I also used the sphere as a cockpit and I cut out some of the faces to make it look like it had a window. However I will end up texturing the sphere to make it look like it has a glass window. The thing I like about this ship is its slimness, I like to make sleek looking ships and one of my inspirations was the Black Bird. capturespace-ship


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