Maze Game

During the first few weeks we were given a task by ant to make our own maze game. We already had the code and basic level design to create our own. We had had a few weeks to make it and at first it went well then I started having problems with the computers. I would regularly have a blue screen, at one point I had six in a day. However this didn’t stop me from making my game, I started by making some spinning obstacles for the player to dodge. You play as the red square and the blue square is your goal. capture

After that I made some other levels which were okay, but I had some trouble with the game. The reason for this was that the game kept saying there was no code but there was. I eventually fixed this by re downloading the flash file, then  It worked. I also had some trouble with one of the rooms.

I came across some problems with my game and one of them was that I had no walls in my game. It turned out that I had no walls in my levels. So to fix this problem I had to convert the walls that I made into a symbol. After I converted them they sort of worked, I just forgot to add an instance name.


I Also added some obstacles for the player to avoid and one of the was a spinning cross. And when you got further into the levels they crosses would start spinning faster. I also made some tight spaces so the player would have to take it slow or the would have to start again. However I came across some problems where the hit box on the player was too big for the gap. So I had to edit the player to make the hit box smaller.

over all I thought that the game was good I could have improved some things that annoyed me. I do think I will come back to this game into my spear time. Because we are moving onto other things in class and I don’t want to fall behind.



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