Different roles in making a game

At the start of the week we had Ant and in his lesson we continued to make our maze game. Later on in that lesson other people tried my game and I was given some good feedback.

Then on Wednesday morning we had ant and in his lesson we were learning about code in Adobe Flash. First he showed us a PowerPoint about different types of roles in creating a game. The roles were programmer, game designer, VFX artist and animator. Each person plays a critical role in making a game , the game designer is the person who helps design the levels and assets that go into that level. A programmer is a person who programmes the game in the sense that they make the game work, every animation or trigger point will all have to be programmed. A VFX artist is the person who will help the game designer in creating the level, for example if you were walking through a desert they will create the sand and the sand dunes . A animator will animate a characters movement and every thing they do. They also play a big part in making a game because if the animations are not fluid it will look odd. say for example Uncarted 4 has very good animations and that’s one of the reason it is one of the best in the franchise. If the game didn’t have smooth animations it would ruin the realism of the game. I think this PowerPoint helped because it showed different roles in making a game. And that everyone plays a part in making a game.

Later on we had Chris and in his lesson we had to finish off our maze games and continue with our blogs. I decided to fix some of the problems I had with my game and that I would continue with my blog




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