End of week two

At the start of the week we were taught some drawing techniques by Tony our lecturer. He showed us how to draw 3D boxes around objects. Then we looked into how a player would move if the character was large. one character was Heavy form the Team fortress franchise. We said that because he is equipped with a large weapon he would move slower, but because of his size he would be able to carry that weapon.

Then on Wednesday we had Ant on the morning which I used some of that time to update my blog and also my maze game. With the blog I made it look cleaner and more appealing to users. I made some minor adjustments to my maze game like adding new levels and changing the layout of some old ones. After that we had Chris, were we continued with our maze game and fix some more problems with our blogs. I experimented with my maze game I tried some new things, but they didn’t work out. The reason I left  them out was because they didn’t match the theme of the game and looked quite tacky.

Last week we were given a task by Matt our lecturer. The task at hand was to make a presentation about a person or studio whom you admired. I chose Guy Carver because he is the lead programmer for Bethesda Game Studios. And in my career I want to be a programmer. The reason I want to be a programmer is that I love seeing the game myself and others make come to life. I chose Guy because the games he helps make are very complex and detailed. I feel like the presentation went well, I was asked some questions which I felt like I answered thoughtfully. I could of made the presantition last a bit longer with adding some more information about Guy.

Later that day we had matt again and in his lesson we were getting used to a 3D modeling software called Maya. I had used maya before but he showed the class some new techniques which helped a lot.


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